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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Clarkson FlatBed BLOCK PARTY: AUGUST 22!!

You want block party? You got block party. Janice Thomas and I (no relation, unless her mama ain't telling her something) got clearance from Community Boards 9 and 14 to do a full-on bus-stopping block-closing butt-thumping ting-drinking splish-splashing old-skool block party right here on Clarkson between Flatbush and Bedford. And while other BPs happen on Saturdays, we're SO slick ours is on Sunday - the Lord's day - the 22nd of August. Wasn't it He who said "and on the seventh day he partayed?". Y'all are invited, even if you have the severe misfortune of living elsewhere.

Three cheers for the little block that could.

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Cool :)