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Saturday, August 21, 2010

PLG Beauty Parlor Capitol; Ugliness Thing of Past

From Empire to Caton, I've heard counts of 50 - 100 beauty parlors. And most of them are packed. Laughing, music, comradery, the occasional temper flare-up. It's all here on or just off Flatbush. For you newcomers, the African/Dominican/Caribbean-American/Indian beauty joints might seem odd. But they're as American as apple pie around these parts. It ain't like this in the suburbs - our well-tended-lawn brethren WISH they had a place like this to hang with pals. I mean, there's Starbucks, but do people really gab and laugh at the top of their lungs over mocha lattes?

Here's my photo essay, from Empire to Parkside, on the west side ONLY!!!


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Rudy on Winthrop said...

Thank you for documenting this.

fromla2bklyn said...

My boys go to Kreations! Love my hood!