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Friday, February 18, 2011

Driving Miss Spazzy

On my way back from the excellent dentist Carole Germain, of Care Dental on Nostrand near Lenox, I stopped to admire the derring-do of neighbor Kitty and her fearless school of driving on Clarkson tween Bed and Rog:

Frankly I might be more inclined to tell nervous drivers not to drive at all. For their sake and for ours. And what exactly is meant by "easy parking?"

T'was surely a fabulous day - by comparison of course. It was actually a day of mush and wet trash, but it was easy to look past the filth and revel in the relative balm.

This special scene at the curb directly out from the Pioneer "canners" took my breath away. Later in the day it was dutifully scrubbed, but to me this picture captures the moment when Caledonian winter made a U-turn towards Parkside spring.

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