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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Economics of Canning

Some of you may know that I'm super intrigued by the "canners" of the Parkside Pioneer. The NY Times featured a story today that brings into focus the reason the Pioneer would want to jeopardize its attractiveness to customers with such an intense and dangerous daily scene in front of its store. As you can imagine, it comes down to cold hard cash. Not much, mind you. But at $.035 per bottle or can, Pioneer could bring in a hundred bucks or two on a good day...enough to create a public nuisance? You be the judge...

NY Times on Canning

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Maybe it's just the heat talking, but I'm sick of the chaos and disregard for commuters and park-goers. Feel free to chime in, but I'm thinking of throwing my (considerable) weight against the practice come offense to individual canners, but this scene is not repeated at any other area grocery stores. Enough is enough; Parkside needs to take a step in the right direction. The benefits to businesses and residents outweigh the Pioneer's greedy daily take; and the canners, even by their own admission, will find other places to get "redeemed." And even make a penny more in the process?


Mad Momma Carmen said...

I'm with you! Regardless of how much money the canners and Pioneer stand to make, the fact is that the chaos that ensues there each day is not safe. I have seen disagreements escalate to physical altercations between individuals. As well, there is constantly broken glass everywhere and individuals loitering on the block. I absolutely refuse to walk down that street or shop at Pioneer because of these reasons. The chaos that the Pioneer condones does a huge disservice to the residents of this neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

I agree. It is chaos there now. Together with the Fried building, it makes for an ugly block. When Dynasty first opened that supermarket it was well maintained-neat and clean and I used to shop there. Since Pioneer took over, it has gradually become an eyesore and I no longer will shop there. The broken glass is very dangerous.

Anonymous said...

I don't enjoy stepping over broken glass any more than the next person and you'd really have to be in denial to miss the arguments and threats that can take place around the redemption line, especially towards evening. That said, I'm ambivalent. I don't see redeemers begging or harassing passersby. I don't see them engaging in flagrantly antisocial behavior. I do see some people sweeping up glass and I mostly see redeemers trying to stay out of the way of foot traffic. Poverty, homelessness and chemical dependency aren't pretty and while on one level the complaints are justified, the NIMBYism, of "Well they can do it. Just somewhere else." is pretty uncharitable and unjust, grounded mostly in people not wanting their sensibilities offended.