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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Eugene Wants YOU. Town Hall Meeting This Wednesday

Your Councilman and mine, Mathieu Eugene, has called an unusual (for him) Town Hall Meeting for the entire community. This is an excellent opportunity to get to know the man who represents you on so many issues affecting everything from cops to schools to many of the very laws that govern our everyday lives. The City of NY is a massive undertaking, and its labyrinthian mechanisms are known to relatively few. Some would say that even members of the Council are but pawns in a complex chess game largely run by bureaucrats, unions and a powerful Mayor's office full of loyalists and patronage commissioners. Perhaps. And yet, strong-willed and clever council members can wield enormous influence, if they're knowledgeable about how the gamed is played and capable of articulating their vision. Is Eugene one of those rare political birds? Come find out for yourself, and if you're nursing a pet peeve or resentment about the current state of the City, come express yourself. If you hadn't noticed, the Q is a big fan of participatory democracy, and it don't get much more participatory than an open dialogue with your elected official. At the very least, you'll get to know better the guy who'll be fighting for your vote again next year. Starts at 6 on Wednesday, in the gorgeous old Old Age Home on Linden (rogers/bedford) where his office is located.

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Martense Res said...

Unfortunately, I can't make it due to work obligations. I'd love to get his attention paid to an "adult entertainment boutique" that is threatning to be "coming soon" at the corner of Martense and Flatbush. It's so disappointing! Couldn't they just serve coffee and bagels instead?!