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Monday, July 24, 2017

Litter Bro's

Whoa. Frat party? Really? That was the word from a Parks employee, describing the horrible mess inside the Parkside entrance to Prospect Park. According to a reliable Q reader, a party continued well 12am, and the "fraternity brothers" claimed to cops not to know that parties over 20 people need a permit, and that the Park officially closes at midnight. So rather than clean up and move on, it appears they merely skedaddled.

The Q grew up in a college town, and while frat boys have a deserved reputation for doing beer bong hits with grain alcohol and party rape (yes, an unfortunate term that succinctly defines the problem), we knew the frats to be fairly tidy, a small concession to my neighborhood given the boisterous all-night insanity. If I knew what chapter this was, if in fact it was a fraternity, I'd be shaming the hell out of them right now. Sigma Nu-isance if you ask me.

Animal House indeed.


Anonymous said...

Jeez Otter, judging from the amount of litter I have to walk through on my way to the Prospect Park subway station Flatbush Ave must be Fraternity Row. Hey, I've got an idea! Let's invite PiPhi's and TriDelts from East New York over for a mixer!

Anonymous said...

I was not aware of the permit for parties of over 20 people. Do they enforce that because it seems to me that everytime i walk into the park from spring thru summer its blanketed with large gatherings of people with tents, tables/chairs, multiple grills smoking, and large dj speakers cranking music. I know I"m gettin on to being an old man and all, but its just too much for me and your picture while disgusting is just a small more concentrated section of what is happening all over the park. The trash is everywhere and try walking the less utilized paths and you'll finds swaths of toilet paper and other gross things strewn about.

There are just too many people now in Brooklyn not to have more stringent rules and enforcement in the park. Last year I saw someone who had built a campfire in the northern fields of the park. Never thought I'd say this, but given the choice between a more manicured Central in Manhattan and our own, smoked out and volumned out Prospect, I'd choose Central. There is just no longer any oasis in Prospect.

Alex said...

Is this the same party that they immediately drove out of the western side of Prospect Park about a year or so ago?

Danny said...

@Anon 1:51,

The problem isn't too many people in Brooklyn - far from it. The problem is that some Brooklynites choose to litter. I don't know why people do, and would like to hear why people do so.

I'm not sure what the solutions to discouraging littering are, but giving perks to people who don't litter along with increasing the penalties for littering are two potential options.

Parkdog said...

According to the Prospecr Park Alliance. Parties of twenty or more require a permit, amplified music is prohibited and my favorite - all NYC parks are designated smoke free environments. I guess that doesn't include the constant pakalolo usage!

Anonymous said...

A little off topic, but does anyone know what the pandemonium is going right now (July 29th, Saturday, 630PM...and all day. It's insane. I have a migraine and it's killing me. Sounds like its coming from Parkside? Thanks

Anonymous said...

I agree the noise was aggravating... all day Saturday in the Parkside/Winthrop playground. There was some kind of event/tournament going on. My question is why do you need to have the music blasting to the highest decimal? I though I was going to go deaf.
I just wished they would close that school yard like they've done to the school yard in the middle of the block, after Rogers. Once school is over the yard should be locked,period. We need a little more peace in that area. As anyone heard that a twelve year old was shot in that same playground a few weeks ago?
Q, that yard is not as quiet as you stated a few writings ago. I've written so many times to the honorable Eugene to have cameras installed, but as answers from that office.