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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Complacency Could Still Put Mathieu Eugene Back In City Council

It's Sad with a capital sssssssss to think that do-nothing, non-responsive, disinterested and uninformed City Councilperson Mathieu Eugene might just win a final four year term representing most of Flatbush. It is an indictment of us all to think that matters of urgency to us would mean so little to so many voters that they'd either care to ignore 10 years of negligent representation or forgo voting altogether.

Shame on us if he wins again. I know no person serious about politics who has even one good reason to vote for the man; yet he will come away with between 5,000 and 8,000 votes just by being a smiling man from Haiti who throws money at a few churches and hospitals. Money which, it should be said, is called "discretionary" because he doesn't actually have to work for it or champion these projects - he just gives it away like Santa. And to put even THAT in perspective, after more years in office than almost anyone on the Council, he gets the third fewest dollars. He's a joke on the council, he's a joke in the neighborhood, and like our president he likes to claim responsibility for little victories he had nothing to do with. Don't let him get away with it...again.

That's why it was heartening to see the Queen of Brooklyn Blogs (QBB) Liena Zagare tell it like it is about Eugene's anemic performance getting one measly stoplight installed over on Coney Island Avenue.

Liena's assessment here in BKLYNER. 

Mathieu Eugene: Always Happy To Take Credit For Things He Didn't Do Or Even Care About


cali said...

Couldnt agree more. I sent you an email.

babs said...

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three or four times there's something not right here - like his paid "volunteers" flyering all over, etc. Disgusting.

NY Senate District 17 For Progress said...

If anyone is truly undecided or want to see what the candidates have to say for themselves in person, League of Women Voters, Gotham Gazette and many neighborhood groups have organized a debate this SUnday:

Anonymous said...

Wow Q,
I was chocked when I opened my door and Cunningham and his wife were ringing my bell. The door to door hand checking/introducing himself to people-block by block was surprising and refreshing. Although I was going to vote for him anyway-now I am dragging my father, my 18 year old and husband with me, all the way to the pole. Hello!