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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Rah Rah Ramen

Junior Felix - One Half of the Founding Duo, Heads East
That didn't take long. Not but a few months after Glady's opened a big ol' joint on Rogers at Lincoln, it's gonna take a right turn at rice and peas, on the way to rice noodles and saki, ultimately veering east from the West Indies. From NY Eater comes this update on founder/chef Junior Felix and new partner William Garfield:

The restaurant, at 453 Rogers Ave. at Lincoln Road, will get a new to-be-announced name and draw more from Garfield’s experience in Portland, Maine. While there, Garfield worked at Japanese restaurants under Masa Miyake — an esteemed chef who has a tasting menu restaurant on Eater’s essentials list and was a James Beard Award nominee in 2015.
Garfield left the partnership in Portland in 2014 and soon after started working at Glady’s.
Now, he and Felix will be collaborating in PLG for a menu centered around non-traditional versions of ramen with a chicken broth base. Think oxtail ramen or a vegetarian broth with smoked onions, cooked with the smoker that has become a signature of the restaurant. Felix will also make use of the smoker for pork loin, chicken, and seasonal vegetables, which will go into the ramen and be sold on their own. Plus, comfort food like buns, burgers, fried chicken, and wings, as well as Japanese and Jamaican curries, will be on deck.


Anonymous said...

Great something different!
I am a Caribbean American 3O something, nothing against my cuisine, but I think there are enough Caribbean joints if you're in the mood for that. We need diversity for sure.
Q, any other openings you know about?

babs said...

Looking forward to this. I love the original Glady's and appreciated what they were trying to do here, but the counter-ordering system was just too off-putting, and by the time they switched I think it was too late. I will be patronizing this new venture - I love ramen!

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

I hope this ramen is good enough for people from other hoods to travel here. I also hope they don't f this up by trying to get too creative without covering the basics of what makes ramen good in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Live on that block of Rogers and was sad to see it go. More excited for what's coming in its place. I just hope they have a cheaper beer than a $6 Heineken. Just give me one single $3 option and I'll live there.

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