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Monday, September 19, 2011

Dork Klub - Painted Pink and Ready For Its Flatbush Closeup

I took a peek in the nearly finished boutique Dork Klub at 664 Flatbush.
There were a few racks of T-Shirts on display, but I couldn't really make them out. Alexis kindly pointed me to the Dork Klub website, but it hardly explains the whole business scheme. Looks like original tees are part of the equation; maybe not much more. But I gotta say that the name, the colors, the font...all add up to a welcome addition to Flatbush Avenue, or Flavenue as I've been known to call it. (Once, then I was quickly shut down.)

Good luck, dorks!

1 comment:

Alexis said...

I really hope that it's more than just t-shirts. We need more dorkdom in this neighborhood.