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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dr. Mathieu Eugene Consecrates New Playground On Winthrop

Councilman Eugene took pains to take credit for what I can honestly say is an awesome development in the neighborhood. If you've never been, let me hep you to the scene over at PS 92 (home also of the Lefferts Garden Charter School, which I'm hearing good things about). Basically the playground was a dump. Members of the community had even made rumblings about "adopting" it to make it nicer. While it's still just a worksite, the new playground should be a vast improvement. Walk by sometime to check out the progress. It's on the southside of Winthrop between Bedford and Rogers. You can also enter through an alley on the north side of Parkside. It's actually a gigantic school and a gigantic playground, and despite the fact that it could get sketchy around dusk, I took my daughter there all the time, and I've enjoyed the company of the mostly hardscrabble moms, dads and grandfolks and their fun kids. Make no mistake, playgrounds are part of what make the City a special place to raise children. So yeah, I'm pretty happy about this one.

Way to go Councilman. I know you didn't initiate this project, but you followed through and saw that it was approved in the City's capital budget. We appreciate it. Here's the press release:

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