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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Au Revoir, Gran Bwa

Don't know about you, but I was pretty sad to see the owners of Flabush's Gran Bwa packing the last of their goods into boxes, going-out-of-business. This place has been an obvious club house for some in the Haitian community. I bought a number of trinkets there over the years, and being a big fan of African drumming, I was always blown away by the amazing Vodou drum 'n' chant coming from the proprietor's speakers. If you ever walked the western side of Flatbush between Woodruff and Parkside you were surely privy to the strong scent of incense burning from the abandoned phone booth pictured below:

Now, I'll admit I took quit a beating for suggesting that nearby Peppa's was inflaming the neighborhood's nostrils with nightly mountains of smoke. But I never felt that way about the incense, cuz it stayed pretty local. By the time you hit the Duane Reade the scent was but a sensual memory.

Speaking of smells...there's a state arts agency. It shall remain nameless, but it's acronym rhymes with PISCA. If you visit "PISCA's" offices, you might want to consider bathing prior, and leaving off the after-douche sprays and parfums. This statement is prominently displayed on signs and on its website:

Please note: NYSCA strives to be a fragrance-free workplace. Please refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes, or other strong scents when visiting the NYSCA offices. Thank you.

Oops. Accidentally gave away it's name! I really should be more careful...

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Anonymous said...

Very sad indeed. I chatted with the owner last week, she said she'd been battling for years to keep the place and had finally lost. Hoping it's not replaced with another nail salon/wig/hair shop/pharmacy/discount store. A bookstore would be nice as there's not one in the whole nabe. (Unless you count the comic book joint)