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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sing-Along at Play Kids Featuring Yours Truly, Friday Nov 11

If you've got your young 'un with you tomorrow (Friday), swing by Play Kids at 10AM and yours truly, theQatParkside, Mr. Clarkson FlatBush, a/k/a Tim Mature, will lead a sing-along of your favorites. I'm filling in for an actual professional called Lloyd Miller of Deedledees, so I can't hope to compare to a real kidz-star like that. But it should be good clean fun, even if the trash canz and tree pitz on the 'Bush are filthy as ever.

I'm expecting a special guest or two to sit in - neither Oates, nor Garfunkel, but sort of a cross between, plus Snoop Dogg thrown in for good measure. Bring your vocal chordz and an aspirin! It's $5 a family, split between the musicians and the store. I'm thinking of donating my share to the Peppa's Choice Awards, which helps find foster homes for orphaned chickens.


Anonymous said...

I heard there were people waiting outside the door to get in today the crowd was so big! It's visible proof this neighborhood has been underserved; people really want and need amenities like this. Kudos to this store's owners for figuring that out. Looks like they're going to be a big success.

carrie said...

Ha! I sent my kid with the sitter, who told me Lloyd wasn't there - "it was just three daddies."

Kim said...

How I wish this were around when my son was little! But I'm glad they are here now. I wish them the best.