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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Breaking News: Busted on Bedford

A tipster informs the Q that major police action shuttered the bodega on Bedford 'tween Parkside and Winthrop. Anybody got more info? According to the source, a few folks were cuffed and hauled off at the joint known to insiders, and to anyone who can read the sign, as "Puerto Plata."

I've been by it a couple hundred times, stopped in occasionally, and I never noticed any shenanigans. Always seemed pretty mellow actually. What's your take?

A picture of a plantains, not unlike the ones frequently available at Puerto Plata, must suffice in lieu of actual photo-journalism. I'll see if the 71st has anything to say about it; the bust, not the picture.


Anonymous said...

If ONLY this had been the bodega at the corner of Maple and Flatbush, one that is clearly a hotbed of illicit activity.

A few years ago, a bunch of guys were hauled out of Papas for running numbers. Perhaps something similar occurred at this one.

Anonymous said...

Agree about the Maple and Flatbush bodega. It can only still be running because the cops are getting kickbacks. The bad behavior there is just too obvious.

babs said...

From my understanding, Papas is still running numbers - as will this one -as soon as these guys are back from their 72-hour stay at Rikers they'll be back in business.

No comment on kickbacks at Ray's - all I know is every time I've complained about the place I've been told that the NYPD is aware of the situation and has been investigating it - for going on five years now. Way to go NYPD!

Anonymous said...

Got to love the rumor that we've heard passed around the last several years there's a big undercover investigation going on and that's why the NYPD hasn't shut that Maple & Flatbush corner down so we need to just let the NYPD do their work and not make a stink about it. If so many people including stroller moms know about an undercover investigation then it is not undercover. In other words, it's not for real. No more lame excuses please. Time to shut down that corner.