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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Delroy's - Panini w/ Panache

Not to be outdone by Yelp or Urbanspoon, the Q gets to the 'Net first with a local omnivore's well-written and heartfelt review of the new sit-down joint next to the wine store at 65 Fenimore. The cafe is called Delroy's, and though the Q himself is in no position to luxuriate with such European-length meals, I'm glad to present the below review from a trusted source. This from the field:

Well, we had a very sweet evening at Delroy's, and we heartily recommend that everyone in the neighborhood who has a date to take immediately take their date to panini.

The lady had the (tomatoey!) tomato soup and salad panini; I had the chicken soup and (scruncheous) grilled cheese panini: total tab, twenty-five bucks. And Ashanti, the impressario or impressaria behind the panini press is about the friendliest woman in the world. She's formerly of Lincoln Tavern, and she makes a delicious meal. On the way out, we told her, "Brunch, coffee, waffles, crepes, further hot pressed foods!" But, frankly, even as is, Delroy's is something the neighbord has needed for a long, long time. A place with a simple soundtrack, simple decor, a simple menu ... you leave your apartment, and an hour and a half later you're back home, never having left the neighborhood, well fed, happily socialized, and feeling like the world is spinning properly on its axis.
Then some pics to seal the deal:

So don't be a weanie; try the panini, and let us know what you think in the comments below! Babs? I'm waiting Babs!


Anonymous said...

It is insane that this place isn't open for lunch. Sandwiches are lunch items. Please open for lunch!

babs said...
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babs said...

Sorry, typo correction;

Actually, Q, I'd been waiting for YOU - although I should have figured that your current familial configuration doesn't let you and the Missus out for dinner too often! I've been to Delroy's twice, and second everything your reviewer says (with the exception to the spelling of scrumptious, unless that's a new made-up word up there I'm unfamiliar with)! The food is yummy on all counts, although the menu is rather limited at the moment (and I agree, lunch would be mobbed here; hope it's coming soon), and Ashanti is as multi-talented and welcoming as they say. But to me the real standouts are the d├ęcor (utterly simple and thus sophisticated and un-jarring) and the possibility of an actual wine bar in our midst.

For the moment, 65 Fen next door works well for BYOB, but I really look forward to the day when Delroy's gets its own license and I can stop in for a glass (or two, or even one glass each of two different wines). This is a great leap forward for civilization. Bravo, Michael!

Anonymous said...

Chocolate is scruncheous / when it crunches, / that's why I love / Nestle Crunch.

babs said...

Oh dear - I would not compare this food with that sort of dreck! But thanks for reminding me of a long-lost advertising jingle!

Anonymous said...

I like the concept and the owners are very nice so I stopped by tonight to support. I was disappointed that the portions were so small. For its size, (and considering in NYC you can get a large panini for $6 or $7) they are overpriced. But $8.00 with a small salad? The paninis were delicious, the salad-nothing spectacular for spring greens with a vinaigrette.

I'm afraid that I won't be back.

ElizabethC said...

I have to agree: Panini was good (but kind of expensive) I got it to go because there was no place to sit at the counter and the lighting was so drab in the rest of the place. (also counter was clearly taken up by people who were hanging out, i.e. not customers). Can't get that serve license soon enough in my opinion. ALso I gave the guy a ten for an 8.71 sandwich and got back ...a dollar. I get that they probably didn't have change but they could have explained, or asked if it was ok.