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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This Just In - Darn Good Sushi Delivers to Caledonia

It's raining Wasabi 'n' Edamame in Caledonia. Word has reached the Q that pretty-darn-good Kumo Sushi on Cortelyou will deliver within 1.5 miles. Their website even gives you a handy tool to check whether you qualify. The radius ends somewhere north of Hawthorne and east of Bedford. Yelp is generally impressed, though a few outlier reviews dragged it down. Frankly I think Sushi Tatsu Number 3 should rename itself simply "Number 2," if you know what I mean, so I'm happy to try another joint. It was recommended by a gifted foody, so I'm passing the rec along. Give it a shot and give us a shout!

(As a commenter points out, you can check out for other delivery options. It's still pretty slim pickins out there, but let us know what you're ordering in and share your thoughts! Important to note that Middle Village's Queensdelivers will bring "wings" to your door with a minimum $99 order. And if you need barbecue, try Jimmy's in Manhattan. Only a $500 minimum is needed for their delivery.)


Rick said...

If you look on there are several good sushi places that deliver to our hood :-)

ElizabethC said...

Sushi Tatsu 3 has definitely gone downhill recently.

ElizabethC said...

Nope,they won't deliver to me :(