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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What do gold chains and i-Phones have in common?

They're as good as cash and easy to swipe. Word has reached the Q that the 71st precinct, as well as districts throughout the City, is experiencing near-epidemic rates of theft of high-worth items off people's persons. Those folks I've spoken to who've been robbed describe the crime as enormously scary, since there's physical contact between perp and victim, and it sometimes involves pushes, shoves, threats or worse. It's hard habit to get into, but it's so important not to provide thieves with an easy target. I've personally witnessed four snatchings in the last year, two here, two on the "other side of the Park." If you're walking down the street engrossed in your "phone," it's basically like you're holding $400 in cash in your outstretched hand. With dozens of brazen businesses ready to turn Apples into Greenbacks, it's just too easy for a fast-moving thief to get rich quick. And the rise in chain-snatchings corresponds with the enormous run-up in gold prices, so gold jewelry should be kept safe as well. The latest CompStat numbers show a 60% year over year rise in grand larceny, and that's largely due to the high number of thefts of i-Phones and gold jewelry.

The Community Affairs office at the precinct asked that we post these reminders. Read on.


Anonymous said...

There was a problem with ID theft from mail theft a few years ago and at that time we put a sign on our mail slot flap telling the mail delivery people to please push the mail ALL the way in the slot. Our mail slot is extra big so there's no reason they can't do that. But they leave it sticking out halfway all the time. If your postal delivery person does that as well have a talk with them. Also, I know Ben Edwards of the LMA serves as a liaison for the USPS on Empire -- it would be great if he could talk to that post office asking them to please make sure their delivery people are responsible about protecting us. Stealing mail and ID theft are federal crimes; federal employees should help prevent them too.

Anonymous said...

Piece of advice... Job interviews are not supposed to ask your age. But they have ways around it.
NEVER leave more than the last 4 digits of your SS number on any application. You don't know who sees it or whose desk it will land on. NEVER give more than you month/day of birth.

When they ask you? Say IDENTITY THEFT. That will shut them up.

This is a pretext they use to find out your age, credit info and anything else they want about you even before you get a job offer.

Word to the wise. Don't tell them too much.