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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Art Show Opening at Tugboat - Reception April 4

Photographer, local treasurer, and resident historian Bob Marvin sent over the following info on yet another brilliant group project of PLG Arts. Don't miss it at the equally brilliant and perfectly understated Tugboat. Def C U There.

PLG Arts presents its first group show at Tugboat Tea Company, 546 Flatbush Avenue, between Lincoln Road and Maple Street. The show will be hung on the evening of April 1st and will run from April 2—30 and will feature the work of twenty-two local artists in many media, including paintings, sculpture, photographs, drawings, and prints.

There will be a reception on Thursday, April 4th, from 6 to 9 PM which will be an opportunity to meet many of the artists.This show is the beginning of a collaboration between PLG Arts and Tugboat. PLG Arts will curate monthly solo and group shows at this venue featuring neighborhood artists.

The artists participating in this group show are: Efrat Baler Moses, Barbara Caban, Augusto Carlos, Daniel Freeman, David Fry, Wesley Gunn, Brian Fernandes Halloran, Noel Hefele, Frances Horne, Jay Horne, Lou Howart, Daphne Knause, Diane Lent, Marcia Lloyd, Jamie Lubetkin, Robert Marvin, Karl McIntosh, Otto Neals, Val Ocampo, Raul Pacheco, Sally Mara Sturman, Brianne Walasek.

1 comment:

Bob Marvin said...

Thanks for posting the listing for this PLG Arts event Tim, but if you meant "local treasure" you're too kind and I'm blushing; if you really meant "local treasurer" we're in deep s**t, because I can't balance my checkbook :-)

Seriously, most of the work that'll be shown has been dropped off at my house by now and the show will look great!