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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Free Gastropublicity From the Q

Gastroenterologists in particular will refluxively salivate when they catch wind of the sleek facade coming to 596 Flatbush at Midwood. Kalkin Narvilas, who owns Italian eatery Cent'Anni in Crown Heights, has teamed with Chad from Tugboat, to create what the Q is 103% sure will be very good news to lovers of lobster rolls and Bohemian Pilsners. By virtue of being the first (and certainly not the last) entry in the Lefferts Gardens Nouveau Brooklyn Gastropub sweepstakes, I give the place 1-to-15 odds of being a runaway smash hit.

pic by Stephen Brown
Only two questions it couth to order a double of single malt? and will they accept bitcoin?

Awaiting comment on its opening date. Anyone like to venture a guess as to the name?

Good luck boys!


babs said...

Snark away all you want, Q, but I can't wait - I love Cent'Anni and a decent place to have a brew in this neighborhood (since I wouldn't be caught dead in that filthy LPT space) would be most welcome (and lobsters are great too!).

Clarkson FlatBed said...

What snark? That's called wordplay. It was intended to be an upbeat post. If I didn't achieve that, then I've really lost it. I love(d) a boilermaker as much as the next Archie Bunker.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Though truth be told, Babs, LPT was MUCH more the Q's kinda joint in his Rasputin days. In the '90s we grungers would have made fun of anyone dropping sawbucks for mircrobrews in a yuppie joint. But I guess yuppy is the new grunge, and I'm clearly an aging hippy punk with a snark tooth. In the end, it's all artifice on the slippery road to the underworld, so let's enjoy a drink and celebrate life.


diak said...

Marketing 101, build on established brand awareness.
Thus the name will be: CHUGBOAT


Clarkson FlatBed said...

Agreed. That's why I'd vote for: Google Grub 'n' Suds

Duane Joseph said...

Can't wait for people to start complaining about there being too many coffee shops in the neighborhood. Like when they were complaining about too many nail salons, beauty supply stores and Caribbean restaurants.

Carmen said...

You know, Duane, now that I think about it, there sure are wayyyyy too many coffee shops in the 'hood ;)

ElizabethC said...

Duane, don't even whisper that!