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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New Adopt-a-Vegetable Program Opens Today at Kings County Hospital

Some may call them Farmer Markets. Some may call them Farmer's Markets. Some call them Farmers Markets. When many farmers are involved, they could be called Farmers' Markets. The key elements seem to be "farmers" and "markets," and when combined you can often find foods that you can't find at the Key, Associated, NSA or Pioneer.

I prefer to note that stray vegetables and fruits are often in need of loving homes, and for a pittance, they can become part of your kitchen and dining room. "Wild" vegetables in particular make excellent additions to the family, and are often quite delicious and nutritious as well as snugly and warm. The whole story of the coming Farmer('s)' Market(s) comes to you via the delightful Rachel Holiday-Smith of DNAInfo, which sounds like a Health Site in and of itself, but it's really hyper-local news. And no one does hyper-local better than Rachel.


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