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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Gone Fishin'

No accounting for taste. And when it comes to ice cream, I don't know, maybe catfish flavored? Salmon? I just don't get how "gone fishin'" works with ice cream. Even if you do "go fishin" it's unlikely you'd take ice cream with you in the cooler. It wouldn't last an hour, even with frozen bait. Maybe you eat the ice cream before you've "gone fishin?" Most people "go fishin'" about 5am, meaning ice cream would be your very first meal of the day, pre-breakfast even. Maybe you could eat ice cream after you're finished with your fishin' at the end of the day, but it's not "gone fishin'" at all. It's "done fishin'." (Just a wild guess with that punctuation at the end there.)

Bottom line, fish and ice cream got no business in the same ad. But more to the point than the bottom line, meaning that that last bottom line was actually the penultimate line, and "more to the point" is actually below that, being less than the bottom line, maybe even a crucial p.s., is the fact that the Q is in Vermont, once again, renting a tiny old farmhouse for $475 a week and all the local characters know us now and we swim down at the covered bridge over the Battenkill River. And yeah, I've got squatters, so don't think you can swing by my place and rip off my juicer that I use only once a year during my cleanse, which always leaves me feeling amazing and wondering why I don't eat that way all year long. I'll mull that over while chewing a chocolate croissant, and meanwhile, what I meant to say was...

Gone Fishin.' Be back in a couple of weeks.


Michael said...

No, no, it's a misspelling of "Gone Fission," hence the distinct nuclear waste flavour.

mug of mead said...

I wonder who came up with this idea of a flavor first - Kemps or Ben and Jerry's?

By the way, I see your "Gone Fishin'" and raise you a "Phish Food". :)

redpaperbag said...

Can't imagine it holds a candle to Chunky Fish Ice Cream.