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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ebbets in Context

What's the orientation here? Is that Franklin Ave on the left? And what's the cross street there...Sullivan? The old Malbone?

circa 1920s


JambonFromage!!! said...

Judging from the angle toward Ebbets and the way the one street dead ends, could this be where Sterling meets Washington?

Adrian said...

Given the incline, I would guess that's Franklin on the left, with the Consumer's Park Brewery/Golombek Spice warehouse in the distance.

Danny G said...

I'm guessing that the photo is taken looking north up Franklin Avenue from the roof of the Brooklyn Beer & Soda / Compound Cowork / Yoga building.

I suspect that the slight angle bend in the sidewalk is the slight bend where Franklin meets Washington meets Sterling, by the Western Beef supermarket.

Just a guess.