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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Been Away Too Long, Sir Flatbushed

What he lacks in quantity she makes up with quality. Flatbushed is back. On "The Dugout" of Flatbush and Empire, from the Dodgers days, comes a story to good to miss. The Q's let it go for awhile, but just think of the possibilities of reactivating the space and buildings at the northern entrance of the Prospect Park Station. They use to be private businesses, and maybe now should be public, open and useful. That parking lot is yet another blight on the nabe. For now, enjoy a good yarn well told:

480 Flatbush, Just North of the Pros Park Entrance Now Owned by NYCTA

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Anonymous said...

It is a real shame that mural didn't last long at all before falling victim to the MTA's roof repair work - none of which actually addresses the serious leakage that occurs on the actual platform of the station.