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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Putting the Small in Small Business

(reposted from December) When the Q first moved to Clarkson, you could still buy crack from this little joint next to the Bodega on Woodruff just off the Flabenue. Maybe the crack man got priced out too? Nope, says a local ne'er-do-well, or rather not-doing-well, as the drug ravages his body and soul. There are still plenty of cop spots, just a little more underground. That's why it was so great to see a tailor move in named Mohamed B. Jalloh, In the era when most folks simply buy new clothes made in Malaysia for cheap from Marshalls, the tailor is still a specialized craft that requires select skills. Like the cobbler, a good tailor is worth his weight in gold when they're needed. So please support Mohamed and his micro-tailor-y. A little backstory might just sway you his way.

Yep. It's small.
MBJ used to be on the Flat/Ocean stretch of Lincoln Road before being priced out. And while this new space may have a door that opens the wrong way (you'll see if you stop in), it's HIS shop, and he supports his family by his trade. He used to live in Flatbush, but as rents rose he hit the jackpot after years on waiting lists and got into some City housing, the sprawling houses down by the BQE btw DUMBO and Ft. Greene. The 1/3 of your income deal is pretty sweet, especially when you're caring for a disabled boy. Born without complete limbs, his son has become incredibly adept at writing using his forearms to hold a pen. He just got a new pair of space-age legs, that will have to be upsized as he grows. If ever there were a case to be made for public subsidies, this man and his family could sway a few warm hearts. Originally from West Africa, he did what countless immigrants have done before him, the Q's grandparents being no exception (from Scandinavia dontcha know. My grandmother couldn't pronounce a "J", but that didn't stop her from naming my dad James, or Yimmy as she used to say. International Falls. You think this is cold? Ha!)

So give MBJ a try. There is absolutely NO reason why Northeastern Flatbush can't support a hard-working tailor and his family, not by charity, but by good old-fashioned fee for service. A Happy New Year to you Mohamed, and may your son have a good and full life thanks to your love and care.


Carmen said...


Anonymous said...

Always looking for a good tailor! I'm just confused where he is - on flatbush and clarkson?

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Woodruff is what Clarkson becomes on the "other" side of Flatbush. Two businesses in on the south side of the street on Woodruff. I'm too tired to look up the address (though clearly not tired enough to stop typing. On the internet. With an open browser. Oh heck, it's like 180 Woodruff. You can't miss it. Actually you can, it's so small, and he often has a street peddler in front of him. The "hat-and-glove" peddler man, know what I mean? What do you call that exactly? I like "hat, glove and sunglass man"

Nora Rawn said...

Good tip!

Anonymous said...

Where are the neighborhood crack spots now?

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Dunno. I'm not out as late anymore! But be sure not to confuse 1) guys standing on the corner or 2) drunks hanging on the sidewalks near the liquor store for crackheads and dealers. Drunks are sad but generally harmless. Guys on the corner are, 9 times out of 10, guys on the corner. Follow the addicts...they'll tell you where the cop spots are. In fact, give 'em $5 and they'll TELL you.