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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Parkside Plaza Needs Support - Now!For

For god's sake it even has a logo!!!

If you're new to the neighborhood you can be forgiven for assuming that the Parkside Plaza was always a lovely, manicured, flora-filled, farmer's-market-hosting, pride-inducing paramour of our dear Q at Parkside station. I can assure you, dear neighbor, this was not always the case.

Up til about 3 years ago the plaza was about as lovely as an abandoned strip mall parking lot. That's until a group of locals banded together to lobby the City for funds to reclaim this public space for the greater good. I can still hardly believe that it's come to such frothy fruition. There were ups; there were downs. But in the end, good prevailed, the force is with us, and Tatooine wasn't destroyed by the Death Star, but rather nourished with water and turned into the Leffertsonian equivalent of a Garden of Eden. In-a-gadda-da-vida indeed.

So I ask you, I implore you, I beseech you, I importune, I demand, I expect, I solicit, I supplicate, I pray you will do the right thing and budget a wee bit of your wages for this communal jewel.


With a public commitment of just under $10,000, we signal to the City, to elected officials, to the DOT that maintains the plaza, and to our partners, that we care deeply about this ongoing project. We hope one day to get full funding from our elected officials, and you should all demand that our next Councilperson back this project 150%. For now, please show you care! If you read the Q even just once in a great while, consider this gift in support of the Q, for whom advertising is anathema, but whose love for you knows no bounds. I really, really love you. And I love you most when you're shedding your greenbacks in the name of greenery.

the project

We are thrilled to be celebrating the second anniversary of the Parkside Plaza. Over the past two years, the plaza has grown to become critical in displaying  the arts and culture of our community. 
For over 40 years, this space was barren concrete. However with your support, we were able to rejuvenate the plaza by:
-Installing benches and moveable seating for residents to sit and take in the splendor of the park;
-Hosting the Grow NYC farmers market every weekend during the spring, summer and fall seasons;
-Providing outdoor space for numerous cultural events (like PLG Art and local musicians), and
-Beautifing the landscape with plants, flowers and shrubbery

At a time in our society when we are all at risk for losing support and funding for arts, culture and green spaces, your donation to the Parkside Plaza matters now more than ever!

the steps

Every spring we work with local artists, organizations and merchants to host cultural events, resource events and showcase local talent. Our next steps will be to continue our outreach for local artists, further our relationships with resource providers and ensure that we continue to provide the community with a space to enjoy and programming and resources that benefit everyone.

why we're doing it

The Parkside Plaza is "A neighborhood plaza by and for the community".
The plaza exists to help the community and it needs the community to keep programming possible.
The plaza is now a part of our lives and we want our community plaza to continue to be accessible and enjoyable by everyone. The Parkside Plaza would not exist if it weren't for the individual donations from generous community members like you!

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