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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

PLG Music Festival - May 15-21

Or as some are calling it, PLeGnapalooza. (actually only the Q is calling it that at that moment).

Had it not come from the reliably truthful DNAInfo, I'd not have believed it. But here it is on the PLG Arts page:

What can you say? And have you been hearing the jazzy tunes wafting from the Parkside Pizza place lately? Dang. Positively swingin'! (By the way, while both this and the last post about the Tiki Bar could have been Q April Fool's gags in year's past, this ain't no joke folks. I'm just hoping a hair salon opens next to the new bar going in next to Peppa's and calls it Tiki Barbers)

Saxy Festival Player Kazemde George

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