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Friday, November 10, 2017

Cunningham to Challenge Eugene Electioneering

Good for him. Let's not get our hopes up about overturned results or sweeping voter reform just yet. But at least the message seems to be getting through...Mathieu Eugene's version of the Kings County Democratic Machine is built like bull dozer. Mathieu had no business being in ANY polling place where he wasn't voting. His supporters were not to be within a 100 feet of any precinct. Poll workers were only to respond to questions about the ballot, not instruct voters how to vote straight down the party line.

This from City Limits, says Cunningham is now planning to challenge the election formally. In the story you'll hear how hapless poll captains had no formal training on how to deal with complaints. Of course not - they're being chosen and paid by politicians, and they're far from neutral themselves. I heard a full on political argument happening between workers at PS92. They shouldn't even be talking about candidates at all. That said, an election is hard to get exactly right. For shits and giggles I tried signing my name in a completely different way, all loops, just initials. Not so much as a second look.

The Election Day antics all point to but one conclusion. Eugene's a fool. Why would one take a chance at all of breaking the law? He was the Democratic Party candidate in a district of Democrats - basically a shoo-in. Foolish. Reckless. And even if a judge rules no reason for a do-over, it's sad for the neighborhood and City that so many people have had their faith thrashed when it comes to voting and politicians. Then the Man goes and thanks God for his blessings? Oof. If you're gonna cheat you should at least own it.


Anonymous said...

Good for him!

Anonymous said...

Oh come on...The fox is guarding the hen-house. The only way to expose Eugene's corruption is to vet every voter who voted for him. But culling through every voter registration document ain't gonna happen.

On the other hand, if Eugene learned a thing or two from Clarence Norman, maybe Eugene also put his hand in the cookie jar? Tracking money flowing from his people to illegal aliens for vote-buying would do the trick. But the transfer was undoubtedly more subtle than that.

He's probably found ways to pay himself with taxpayers' money. Inasmuch as he claims to back many projects that become stalled, the funding for those projects is a good place to start poking around.

Virginia said...

What did you think of the Village Voice article?