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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Who Can Keep Up With All This?

Street Sweeper is back. You know, the kick-ass pizza joint on Rogers that suffered a fire last year? They've got a killer gazebo sitch out back too. Just in time for winter, with heater. A hot-gazzy, as they used to say absolutely nowhere.

Then a florist is moving in next to the record store (still can't believe THAT came to pass) and Honey Badger, the truly quirky but savory (quavory? squirky?) micro-bistro on Fennimore off Flatbush. Gonna have Xmas Trees soon, so says the F-book, which NEVER lies.

Then I find out that Christmas and Jesus are related, and I nearly bust a challah trying to explain THAT to the kids. Why did he have to be so cute, that baby Jesus? Hard to raise agnostic children anymore...

Then, and here's where it gets truly American upscale diner moving into the space next to Greenlight Bookstore at the base of 626 Flatbush? What's that I hear - that parents of Maple Street School parents are opening the place? Ah. And I thought we might finally get a Ruby Tuesday's. But a rube can dream, can't he?

And a reader pointed out that I never mentioned the scrumptious cake, cupcake and gelato triumvirate (or Holy Trinity to sugar addicts like moi) at 664 Flatbush - the brilliantly named J&J Delicious Cakes. You can save a heap of cash over those absurdly costly Boerum Greene and Ft. Gardens shoppes that everybody's rich friend raves about. Keep it local, yokel. The 'hood is alive with the sound of music, mozzarella, mousse, marzipan and morning glories. Ugh. Why does my brain behave this tiring. See you on the Flabenue! (and if you need to deal with some of that flab, we got you covered...with loose fitting garments OR fitness centers. Yes, plural.)


Anonymous said...

Keep them coming Q. As I get older, I've become lazy...don't want to travel far for anything anymore. Now if only we could get Trader Joe's or Whole Foods to give us a try!

Bob Marvin said...

Anon. 11:47 PM's post could have been written by me, except that my comments, for better or worse, are NEVER anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Not that I am buying all that much from Trader Joes any longer, but they put one right near the Dekalb stop. Again, completely useless for me as it requires an extra stop just like the other ones. As Family pizza has gone the way of Manhattan prices for a regular slice I imagine rent prices on the bush will require an upscale diner to charge the kitchen sink on a plate of hash and eggs. I have officially become that old guy who exclaims "I remember when a slice was a 1.50." On a brighter not, my current addiction (pepperoni slice) can be had for a bargain over on Bedford at Mike's.