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Friday, December 8, 2017

Is He A Peeping Tom When He Looks OUT Instead Of IN?

The Q's beloved Q Station has become the focus of a contemporary quandary. An anonymous poster known only as "Parkside Avenue" (no relation) has been taking photos and videos of random passers-by in front of the Q at Parkside station at Parkside and Ocean (like I had to tell YOU that). The question confronting those who've learned of the semi-invasive Instagram account - is it legal? ethical? hilarious? boring? titillating? any or none of the above? An example of a picture posted - one of a fairly obscured identity (lest you think I'm part of the problem, which, I'm told, I usually always am):

Marc Torrence of Patch wrote a piece about it, and then he managed to bag an interview with the dude, still anonymous. Marc provides some context, in the form of legal perspective on the notion that NONE OF US should assume we have any privacy when out in the public sphere. That is, make sure you put your pants on before you go outside and try not to pick your nose too much. And don't cavort with your paramour or do crimes or even trip and fall in a hilarious manner, because you might be starring in someone's reality TV series.

This reminds me of a situation I had a few years back, that I relayed right here on ye olde blogge. It was about the now defunct Disc Mart African music and ephemera store across from the Kings County Nursery on New York. Here's the post . For the click-averse, basically the store owner told me I couldn't take a picture of his sign without paying him, and I told him where to shove it and he preferred not to and it went south from there. Though truth be told, I chose not to publish the photo, not because he was right, but because despite my reputation I'm really not spoiling for a fight.

Here's the Q's take on the hubbub. Of course you can shoot a photo. You can even share it with the world if you like. When the photos are your art, or in this case your sort-of-art, you should take your ethical role a bit more seriously. That's opinion - that's not law. In other words, yeah you're invading people's privacy and you know it. Typically it's good form to ask before you take someone's picture, regardless of the reason. But if the art is ABOUT being a 24-hour security camera, well, I suppose we'll need to judge the worth of your art vs. the worth of privacy. Not for a court of law, but because we need to do something MUCH more important.

We need to figure out whether you're an asshole.

And in the end, that's 90% of what Justice is all about, is it not?


Adrian said...

Q, one issue I have with you is that you are REGULARLY in conflict with people of African descent,and you wear it like a badge of honor. Why are you proudly in an argument at the African record store and the Yoruba book store?. And then there is your obsession with Alicia Boyd, an obsession so intense it might be unrequited love. I just don't see many (perhaps any) incensed posts about people of other backgrounds. I will give you credit for your stuff on slum lords, but a little self-examination please. I'm a pasty and contentious white guy myself, so I get in arguments with all sorts of people. But again, look at yourself. And I will say you have some good songs. But don't try to be an asshole like Morrisey.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

You've got the wrong shop. The Discmart on New York was run by another guy. It's been closed for three years or so. The place you're talking about is terrific, Adrian.

Good golly, man, if you haven't seen me go off on white guys on this blog you have been paying ZERO attention. My arch nemesis is a racist troll named No Slappz, for instance, but he's hardly the only one. Believe me, there's plenty of hate mail I've collected to prove how wrong you are about me only picking on black folk. I call out hypocrisy where I see it. And as I was saying to my wife, finding the hypocrisy in myself is part of why I write "out loud" nearly every day. It keeps me honest.

As for Ms. Boyd and Mr. Eugene, two public faces I've been consistent in my attacks about, please, enlighten us as to how they aren't two of the worst neighborhood figures? Maybe you put me in the category. I really don't care. I know who I am and what I believe.

Frankly, their color has nothing to do with it. It's because I don't care about their color that I feel comfortable complaining about them.

So...let's take a look in the mirror yourself? Perhaps you think anyone critical of a person of color is racist.

And I LOVE Morrissey. I consider him a poet of the highest order, so your stones will break no bones on that one.