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Sunday, June 24, 2018

The Chameleon BK Hits All the Right Notes Where Tugboat Used To Was

Neighbors Susanne and Leslie and new cafe Chameleon BK

Coffee, tea or me? Most wise readers would choose coffee or tea. That's just fine...I ain't got time for play anyway. But coffee and a Good Morning Jerk Pulled Pork Biscuit sandwich with pal, musician, piano teacher and tireless entrepreneur Leslie Ward? Always time for that. So off to 546 Flatbush goeth le Q.

You recall Tugboat of course, one of the new breed of coffee shops to dot the Flabenue that opened 5 yrs ago. Chad and Co. recently threw in the towel (he's also part owner of the thriving Midwood Flats brau/chow joint), and that left an opening for Leslie and longtime partner Susanne to realize their dream of cafe ownership. Popping in this Sunday for a bit of brunch it's clear they've reinvigorated the spot through grit, charm, smarts and great music. The first thing the Q noticed was the terrific selection of old and rare grooves, giving the new decor a distinctly pan-Lefferts vibe that seemed reflected in the uber-hip diversified crew that steadily flowed in from 9am on. S&L greeted each customer and many customers were there.

The Chameleon BK. A great name for a terrific addition to the flowering Flabenue.

Chef Ro served up a delicious Jamaican-inspired concoction and an eclectic brunch menu is available along with classic coffee and tea shoppe fare. The Kenyan coffee hit the spot and most of all, Leslie and Suzanne's warmth and pride (it was Pride Day after all) seemed to suggest many happy returns from customers of every stripe.

I'd be inclined to give the place raves based on the owners charisma alone. But with faux objectivity let me say the place has a magic vibe and I expect super success all around.

The Chameleon BK crew

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