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Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Flabenue Has Ears - Shhh - Sneaker Store

Play Kids is no more. Shelley and Carl are probably happier having shed the weekly, monthly and annual struggle to stay in the black. We have the memories, of the little toy store that did.

Guess what's going in that spot? Kids shoe store. No lie.

Cue creepy kids in heels shot:


patty1h said...

I just was told that the Staples at Flatbush and Tilden is closing at the end of July. Wonder what will happen with that spot. Anyone hear?

diak said...

And did anyone else notice that Phat Albert's (and it's "upscale" reboot) is gone? Talk about quiet disappearances.
The neighborhood has lost its best resource for shower curtains and flip-flops.

Anonymous said...

I hope that high heel kid shoe thing is a joke. Heels cannot be good for little growing feet. It certainly is not good for adult feet.