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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Alicia Boyd Takes Neighborhood Hostage: Judge Orders Closed-Door Negotiations

The takeover is complete.

Despite the fact that private citizen Alicia Boyd is neither elected nor appointed to any public office or position, she will now be negotiating with the Department of City Planning, developers and (potentially, if she shows up) Councilperson Laurie Cumbo, on the fate of the neighborhood just east of the beloved Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

To the Q, this is such a stunning and undemocratic turn of events that I fail to understand how any sitting judge would see fit to offer Boyd and her cronies such enormous bargaining power ON OUR BEHALF and without scrutiny. (Story in Brooklyn Eagle)

Check this insanity out. For a crew who spends most of their time decrying a lack of transparency in civic matters, this "private session" crap takes the crumbcake:
Boyd agreed to participate in the settlement talks, which will take place in a private session in the judge’s chambers, and will include lawyers for the entities they are suing. Boyd, Ellis and Hollingsworth are suing City Councilmember Laurie Cumbo, the Department of City Planning and its Director Marisa Lago, plus Winston Von Engel, who is the department’s Brooklyn director. The City Planning Commission and the city Buildings Department are also targeted in the suit.

Think about it...the Community Board by law has a role to play in the ULURP (zoning changes) process. Those 50 members of the community represent many walks of life and mindsets. Their job is to deliberate and make recommendations. The elected Borough President weighs in. The duly elected Councilperson decides, follows by a full-Council vote, again consisting of elected officials. Also in the mix are the landowners and developers and the Department of City Planning, beholden to the (elected) Mayor and his housing and job and economic growth initiatives.

And then, there's un-elected, un-expert and un-civil Ms. Alicia Boyd (with Janine Nichols and Nichola Cox and LaShaun Ellis among others). The scorched-earth Boyd continues to pummel all things deliberative and decent, sitting in a room with the powers that be, deciding your fate through supposed "good faith" negotiations. She's entitle to sue, though god knows it's gotten her (and us) nothing. But negotiating on our behalf?

Don't get me wrong. The Q argued for height limits long before Boyd became Queen of Empire Boulevard. Had we negotiated the zoning changes years ago we would not be here today, vainly attacking one building projects at a time. She'll tell you she's a hero, but it's crucial to remember she got us into this mess to begin with.

At bottom, the movement to protect you (the people) had things to say in their latest missive to supporters. Hey, they're entitled to their opinion. And apparently, they're entitled to YOURS too, in a private session in judge's chambers.

 Here's your heroes, and the actual renderings, rather than the hyperbole put forward by Boyd and co. And remember, this isn't even the REALLY big buildings being proposed, the ones that even the garden is pissed about. Though, after Boyd's mistreatment, the BBG wants nothing to do with what otherwise would be a natural ally. I'm betting the Garden will come out okay, albeit with more buildings in the horizon. Democracy and civility however, will continue to take hits on the regular.
photo by Lore Croghan of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Judge Requests Councilwoman’s Laurie Cumbo
Presence at Negotiations

On September 17, 2019 at the oral arguments hearing, Judge Boddie, stated that a win/win could happen if settlement talks were considered and requested Councilwoman majority leader for the City Council, Laurie Cumbo, to attend these talks.  The reason she might be involved is not only was she the deciding vote on this rezoning, but she made public statements on the record that her vote was based upon a “miracle” community benefit agreement, that the City conceded does not exist. 

Negotiations Talks have been scheduled in private in the Judges chambers on
Monday, September 23, 2019 at 2:30 pm.

Motion to Dismiss on this case is still scheduled for
October 7, 2019, at 9:30 am, if the negotiations fall through.
Image above: Janine and Nichola, members of FLAC at Court House hearing.

Oral arguments for the case went on for about an hour and a half and a few things became crystal clear to the community; the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) hearing contained lying testimony both by Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo and the developers under oath.

The most stunning point in the case was when Ms. Boyd who was acting as a prose litigant in this case produced the transcript of the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) hearing, where again Cornell’s attorney stated on the record that Cornell owned property and described in detail the work that Cornell was conducting on the land, including environmental clean ups, working with the government entities to get permits and their fear of not getting financing for the project if a TRO was signed.

However, once the lawsuit itself was served on Cornell all of a sudden Cornell  does not own anything! Never had in fact!  When it was pointed out that Cornell's lawyers and representatives stated otherwise at ULURP public hearings and at court hearings, Cornell current attorney, the fifth in this case, stated that the lawyers were not under oath. She was Implying that attorneys, who are officers of the court, are not obligated or don’t have to tell the truth at public hearings!  Of course that answer got a response, not only from the Judge, but from the overflowing crowd of residents who had attended the hearing and were privy first hand to the amount of corruption and lies this rezoning has endured, so far.


Bob Marvin said...

So, if I read the Eagle article correctly, Boyd's lawsuit is NOT about the potential development that the BBG considers harmful, but another set of buildings, about which BBG is unconcerned. And here I was naïve enough to think that Boyd might, for once, be on the right side of an issue.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

right bob. this building isn't even super tall. you'll get to watch THAT fight later in the year.

nana said...

Someone needs to investigate what she's getting out of this!

CC said...

Alicia Boyd sucks, but the way this is framed is insanely exaggerated. Boyd & her crew are suing the developers, the judge is looking to avoid a trial by having closed door negotiations. Anything negotiated only pertains to Boyd & co's lawsuit.

If they come to an agreement, this particular suit will be dropped. That doesn't prevent anyone else in the neighborhood from disagreeing with the proposed plan and bringing their own lawsuit against the developers.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

It's a good argument CC - but that's not how she's framing it to supporters. And dollars to doughnuts she'll blow up the meeting, and come out and claim the judge is in on the corruption. What does she gain by "compromising?" It's not where her power lies.

Of course Boyd isn't going to get anything. That's not the point. It's the fact that she is the only one sitting at ANY table - the only non-developer side of the conversation. THAT'S THE TAKEOVER. And a talk with the individual developers would not even have been necessary had the neighborhood decided collectively where and how high to allow new development.

Perhaps I've overstated the case. Believe it or not I'm not really that upset. But I would love it if others would catch the grudge and do something, because it's damn sure no one else is going to. I've got enough headaches on my own block to be bothered with what's happening way up north.

nana said...

Where is the Community Board? Shouldn't they be the one negotiating with the developers?
Prospect Lefferts Gardens will not look the same in two years. You have right here on Winthrop, these beautiful 2 family homes that developers are adding two more stories to; totally changing the landscape.
It's a shame!

nana said...

Where is the Community Board? Shouldn't they be the one negotiating with the developers?
Prospect Lefferts Gardens will not look the same in two years. You have right here on Winthrop, these beautiful 2 family homes that developers are adding two more stories to; totally changing the landscape.
It's a shame!