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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

For Pete's Sake: "The Benny" Is the Q's New Neighbor

Never in a million years did the Q expect to read this sentence referring to my down-the-block neighbor building that's taken the place of a cinder-block Pentecostal church:

The gates, inspired by legendary modernist Le Corbusier’s Curutchet House in La Plata, Argentina, open onto a double-height entry. 

Like, wtf?

We've watched as this puppy grows to full dog-hood, and now we get to attach a name. The Benny. Like, what, the Benjamin? The drugs? The word also refers to rude, dumb tourists from NYC who visit the Jersey Shore and piss of the locals.

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you The Benny. And thanks to our friends at MTOPP, there are exactly ZERO below-market rent-stabilized apartments available.

 Read more here. Happy hunting.


rheady said...

The ONLY good thing I see about this building, they're sales not rentals. Sure, they're expensive, but actually not that crazily out of line with what nearby Brooklyn apartment sales are lately.

NYC could use a LOT more condos in Brooklyn, assuming they are relatively close to the normal market rates and not the luxury millionaire pads. Most new buildings are strictly rentals which doesn't help build communities because everyone feels temporary. These do fall in that realm at least.

diak said...

Maybe named for Jack Benny? Benny Goodman? Benny and the Jets? Probably the developer trying to flatter his father-in-law...
By the way, "bennies" are uppers, not downers—derived from benzedrine.
And Urban Dictionary says the name Benny comes from the Latin, "brevis" which means "small penis" (although Google Translate just says it means "short"). Take your pick, I guess. Betting neither will be in the sales brochure...

Clarkson FlatBed said...

true that. I was thinking Benzos. combining bennies and benzos, probably not a good idea. Might even cause a small, you know, which if the deluge of spam comments I get are any indication, is easily dealt with by a) sorcery b) pharmaceuticals or c) the extreme and painful use of gravity.

babs said...

Named after the developer - his wife chose it & he wasn’t pleased but agreed. I was very favorably impressed by the finishes and construction here & think the prices are reasonable for the quality of this project.