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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Nazi Rally Over; Time To Get Busy

Geezus Effing Kree-stay. Last night's State of the Union was propaganda, lies, jingoism, nationalism, cheering zealots - everything but the Hitler Salute. We're in some deep shit folks. That was so utterly and awfully terrifying, and I don't scare easy. The Medal of Freedom just went to a virulent sexist racist with a vicious tongue.

Look. I know we're busy. We've got lives and kids and family. But none of that means anything without a future.

Let's all dedicate ourselves this year to sacrificing what we can in the name of the country. If you're comfortable now, you won't necessarily always be. And if you're comfortable now and able, why not fight for the rights of others? Trump is white Americas problem. And it's time for white America to step up and take him out. (with help of course).

Pick your candidate. And quit yer whining Bernie Bros! This is your time. You earned it. Cut it with the conspiracy theories and mansplaining and trying to "outliberal" everybody. When you're the front-runner the ONE THING you can't get away with is being an asshole.

You're winning, BBs! Bernie is not my first choice for president - that would be Elizabeth Warren. She'd be a MUCH better commander in chief. But Bernie and his acolytes will out-work her and bring out a wider tent than we've ever seen before. He should name her as VP by the end of April so we can all get to it. And Bernie Bros? Don't let us the fuck down, okay? You've been champing at the bit and complaining since the Dem Convention in 2016. Do your thing and make us proud. Just don't be a dick about it.

Come to the debate on Friday. And get ready to rumble.


Duke of Kingsbrook said...

* * * * FALSE FLAG ALERT * * * *

Once and for all my good man, are you, or are you not Q, a follower of QAnon, a right-wing, pro-Trump conspiracy group.

And you would do well to please refrain from the vulgar language that so many on the left today have resorted to.

Keep it Classy PLG

Clarkson FlatBed said...

No Anon here. Just Q. I SIGN all my garbage. Timothy James Thomas, thank you very much.

Btw what's up with Lindsay Graham? Seems suspiciously Q-anonny.

As to keep it classy, never was, never will be.

I mean, you should hear some of the stuff my tweens are exposed to! I'm a paragon of good taste by comparison...

For classy, try the London Review of Books? Teen Vogue? Cereal boxes? MTA Pamphlets?