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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Eatymology: More to Pepa's Than Meets Eye

Ever wonder what the Genius of Jerk looks like? Ladies and Gentlemen, Don Peppas:

Remember when it was Danny and Pepper's Chicken, down below Clarkson on the Ultimate Dentistry side of the street? (who needs an Ultimate dentist? a decent, clean and reasonably gentle dentist is all i heroics).

Well here's what I can't figure. Don Peppas owns the current joint, and opened the 2nd Peppa's Jerk Chicken down in Hollywood, Florida! He's also frequently called "Dan Peppas" instead of Don. Or are they twins? Still in biz together? Father, son? I can't get anyone to talk on the record about the split.

In a new series (of one) titled Eatymology, I ask for your thoughts on the matter. Either way, there's no denying that Don (Dan) Peppas frequently smokes out the entire neighborhood with his 24-hour a day barbecue action. One of the many charms of living near The Q at Parkside.

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