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Monday, December 20, 2010

When is a Cafe not a Cafe?

I'm fond of The Little Photo Shop That Could at 727 Flatbush, next to the much ballyhooed Jamaican Pride Bakery. When we first moved here in the early 00's it was all about photos - passport photos, cute pics of your kids, or sexy pics of your girlfriend all posed up nice and sexlike. But there's not so much need for pro photos now that everyone has a Flip or three. So they adapt, like a cat with three legs, or a fat man with a fridge full of spinach. They now make most of their dough on computer repairs, and lately the place has been packed with internet users, making this the go-to internet cafe on the block. Of course, this is horribly ironic, given the actual Internet Coffee House just around the corner on Parkside. But people are drawn where the action's at, and the ICH still hasn't found its groove.

The only beef patty I have with the place is the name "Internet Cafe." I know what they're getting at, but they haven't any food or drink. I'm not completely sure of the meaning of the word "cafe," but I'm pretty sure food and drink is part of the equation. I guess "Internet Rental Establishment" (IRE) doesn't have the same cache.

One last thing about their sign; I like the graphic depicting the computer repair situation going on. But that diamond shape means "warning" in traffic lingo, so it kinda looks like the stick-dude is getting electrocuted, or is about to view some really vulgar stuff on the internets...believe me, I know how he feels. That "man oh man I didn't know humans were INTO that kind of thing" feeling.

You can fix a computer, but you can't fix that stuff. It's WAY deep down in there.

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