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News and Nonsense from the Brooklyn neighborhood of Lefferts and environs, or more specifically a neighborhood once known as Melrose Park. Sometimes called Lefferts Gardens. Or Prospect-Lefferts Gardens. Or PLG. Or North Flatbush. Or Caledonia (west of Ocean). Or West Pigtown. Across From Park Slope. Under Crown Heights. Near Drummer's Grove. The Side of the Park With the McDonalds. Jackie Robinson Town. Home of Lefferts Manor. West Wingate. Near Kings County Hospital. Or if you're coming from the airport in taxi, maybe just Flatbush is best.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Perhaps you've only recently moved to the neighborhood, and you're still having trouble remembering the names of the streets as you walk from the Lower PLG to the Upper. By the way, this is roughly analogous to walking from the Lower East Side to the Upper East Side, with Peppas as the new New Museum and Fat Albert's the Met.

Early on I coined a Mnemonic to help me sort out the streets. From South to North, the streets go Parkside, Winthrop, Hawthorne, Fennimore, Rutland, Midwood, Maple, Lincoln, Lefferts, Sterling, Empire. Tough stuff til you've lived here awhile. I suggest you write your own, but in the meantime you can borrow mine:

Poor White Hippies Feign Rastafarianism Making Marijuana Life Look Simple, Man (Empire was called Malbone til the infamous Malbone Street Wreck, the deadliest crash in NYC Mass Transit history.

I know the two M's and L's complicate things, but soon into my use of the Mnemonic I noted that Midwood comes before Maple in the alphabet and Lefferts before Lincoln, making them opposite of how they'd come when walking South to North and thereby creating an inverse rule from which the answer was only too obvious in my mind which was which.

Want to come up with some better Mnemonics, and perhaps extend the list down to Church? By all means, post away! (Btw, I still use it to this day, though I've begun to internalize the order by now). (BBtw, I have nothing against hippies or Rastafarians, or marijuana, life, or the poor for that matter.

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