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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dump This!

Along with all the welcome "clean up the neighborhood" chatter sluicing through the aether lately, - now comes this juicy flyer from Senator Adams' office:

But I'll take it one step farther. I'm definitely against ILLEGAL dumping. But I'm not a fan of DUMPING in general. I prefer a nice bag, doubled up if necessary, neatly placed by the curb. Does that make me less of a man?


MJMcBee said...

No in fact I witnessed illegal dumping by a sanitation worker himself last Friday night on Flatbush and Clarkson... he just kept throwing bags at the back of the truck and missing, and they would explode open into the middle of the street and he would curse and keep driving and repeat the same thing at the next trash pile. I was afraid to take a picture or say something because it was after midnight and I didn't want to get into a confrontation with him or anyone else standing around and watching but I did write down his license plate. I never called to make the complaint since I felt it would be a futile effort (they've refused to validate my past complaints about failing to pick up trash several weeks in a row during the winter snow drama)
Is it pointless to make trash complaints with no photo, and if not is there a statute of limitations on filing a complaint that happened in the recent past?

Carmen said...

Its not pointless to make a complaint and no, there is not a statute of limitations. I can tell you first-hand that complaints are taken very serious and acted upon.