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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Parkside Avenue: New Day Rising?

"Rudy on Winthrop" and I want to invite you to come out this Sunday March 27 to air your thoughts, goodbadugly, about Parkside Avenue. Keep your eyes peeled (yuk!) for fliers alerting non-Q readers as well. Granted, I know theQatParkside has near universal readership in the 'hood, but we thought a ground campaign might help win over a few wayward hearts and minds.

For a broader perspective, here's what Rudy will be sending to the folks in his building:
This Sunday I am co-hosting a neighborhood meeting (along with Tim "on Clarkson" Thomas, who writes the neighborhood blog The Q at Parkside) to talk about what can be done to improve the block of Parkside Avenue between Ocean and Flatbush.

Have you ever nearly been killed, trying to cross the street into the park?  Did it make you sad when the two new trees next to Popeyes died?  Does it frighten you that the derelict building might be turned into a pay-by-the-week flophouse?  Does the sidewalk in front of the subway stop seem like wasted space to you?  Does the subway station itself seem like a terrible example of neglect?  Do you wish that Pioneer would cut down its "Anniversary" decor, now that the flags have all blown away?  Do you wish that the bottle recycling area were less of a war zone?  Then maybe you should come.

It's this Sunday, at 6:30 pm, at the Internet Coffee House on Parkside. 


I have yet to meet anyone who would disagree that the block could use a little love. So just as the Amish might call for an old-fashioned barn raising, I think we Caledonians and PLeGNAns could stand for an old-fashioned street sprucing! Come share your ideas, or at the very least, spend a few dozen minutes with your fellow Parksidians.


Rudy on Winthrop said...

Come one, come all!

fromla2bklyn said...

Sorry I missed it, I am usually a regular reader of this blog... You should do this on a regular basis.