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Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's 7PM: Do you know where your PARROT is?

Well, looks like roosters aren't the only ones coming home to roost in Lefferts Gardens. Reader CeeLeeDee found a domesticated parrot waiting for her last night by her front door. Here's the scoop:

There are more than roosters strutting Ocean Avenue in our hood. Came home last night and found the most wonderful, domesticated parrot at my doorstep! There's a lot more to this story but I dare not bore you further with the details. Suffice to say that, given that a cat rules my house, I could not allow the parrot to stay with me. So, I palmed her/him off to a neighbor. Nevertheless, I can't help but wonder if I've done all I can to reunite this lovely parrot with his/her rightful owner. If you are the person, or know someone who is frantically looking for their bird, please leave your info with Mr. Clarkson Flatbed. Thanks!


IF YOU'VE LOST A PARROT or if you know someone who's lost a parrot contact me here at the Q.
You'll need to identify the lost bird of course - we know there are a lot of Parrot Poachers out there who'd just turn around and sell it's beak for mere birdseed.

In case you can't recall what one looks like, here is the platonic ideal of a green parrot to jog your memory:

If the bird is not claimed, don't sweat. We know of a good home. But we fear there is a heartsick bird-fancier out there tonight.


PLOG said...

It might be a wild parrot. There is a colony of them in Brooklyn. There is a (perhaps anecdotal) story about a number of birds destined for pet stores that were accidentally released at Kennedy Airport in the late 1960s.

Anonymous said...

No, this parrot is not one of the wild parrots of Brooklyn. For one, thing, it's banded. For another, this parrot and I had quite the "conversation"! :-) Most significantly, when I extended my arm to it, s/he immediately hopped on board and then climbed all the way up to take a perch on my shoulder. As I walked around my house, it remained on my shoulder until I finally succeeded in coaxing it off. It then took an alternative perch on a coat tree. This parrot clearly belongs/belonged to someone.