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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sign This Petition...Now! (please)

Hey everyone. Please sign this petition to let the powers-that-be know we're fed up with crime in our midst...but particularly at the Parade Grounds:


Here's what it says:

To: NYPD, NYPD 70th Precinct, Elected Officials of Brooklyn, Commissioner - New York City Department of Parks, Prospect Park Alliance

In the past year alone three murders and a shooting have occurred at the Parade Ground near the entrance off Crooke Avenue. This is mere feet from the Dillon Stewart Playground, named for the NYPD officer killed in the line of duty. In light of this appalling violence, we the undersigned strongly advocate for the following redress, namely that:

- Cameras sufficient to surveil the full walkway off Crooke Ave. as well as other heavily trafficked areas of the park be installed

- Signs reading “Under NYPD Surveillance� be prominently displayed

- NYPD patrols of the Parade Ground be increased

- Lighting be reassessed and improved

While the recent crimes at the Parade Ground may not be linked, it has become abundantly clear that criminals see the Parade Ground as a place where murder and assault can be committed. We wish to send a message that this behavior will no longer be tolerated.

We will not stop until the Parade Ground is as safe as it can be. As of this moment it is not, and we believe strongly that the above remedies will help make the Parade Ground a place where families can once again bring their children without fear.



FYI, I think I cleared up the difficulty some of y'all were having trying to comment...I always intended this would be an unbridled place to let loose, but I guess the "spam filter" was keeping some people out. Write me w/any problems:


eggs! said...


Anonymous said...

I for one would rather see the cops in the park ticketing people who ride the wrong way at 1 am, personally.


Seriously though: the cops have planted themselves in Prospect Park and they're writing midnight tickets like it is going out of style, while people are being murdered just across Ocean. This is insanity.