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Friday, June 24, 2011

Nailed 'im!

This just in from Mad Momma Carmen:

I just got a call from the Sanitation Police. Mr Isaac Pollak, our neighborhood dumper, got caught this morning and is in big, big trouble. The Sanitation Police has been staking out his property and today they watched as Mr. Pollak loaded up his minivan with garbage and dumped it at seven different locations in our neighborhood. As I spoke with Sanitation, his car was being impounded.

According to my contact at Sanitation, he has never seen anything like what Mr. Pollak has been doing in our 'hood and in his experience, no one has been able to walk away from a case once the city is involved. Sanitation will be keeping me posted on what happens from here as well as the court dates.

Have a fabulous (and litter-free) day!

DUMPERS TAKE NOTE: You've Met Your Match.

And to think, all this to save the expense of a proper "container." For shame, sir!


Rudy on Winthrop said...

Carmen: It makes me so happy to have you out there, doing what you do. Thank you!

Mad Momma Carmen said...

Thanks :) I really love our 'hood and would like to stick around for my kids to grow up here, so stuff like this is pretty dang important to me. PLG is the best!

Anonymous said...

You rock Carmen! Well Done! :-D