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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Who's the Fat Cat Who Bought All That?

Sorry if I'm late to this party...but who's the "local landlord" who bought all this?

From Real Estate Weekly in March:

Four Brooklyn mixed-use buildings have sold for $31 million.

Rosewood Realty brokered the off-market deal, which includes a total of 225,000 s/f of residential and retail space, divided amongst four six-story elevator buildings with 250 residential units and 30 retail stores. The pre-war buildings are at 10 Midwood Street, 50 Lincoln Road, 64 Lincoln Road and 2121 Beekman Place in the Lefferts Garden neighborhood.

The seller was a fund and the buyer was a local landlord, with a large portfolio of buildings in the area.

Full story, and the annoying 2007ish buzzy talk about PLG, here: . Added bonus! I just turned up reader Babs' post about the sale as well, though she seemed equally unsure of the real owner. Babs

More to the point - do you live in one of these buildings? What can you tell us about what's going on over there - good, bad or indifferent?


Anonymous said...

I used to live at 10 Midwood and it was a beautiful apartment--great "bones," tons of room and closets--but the building was a shithole. We had two bedbug infestations, cockroaches, people taking a shit in the hallway, insane neighbors, other neighbors who would beg from us, a murder at our doorstep, the works. I hope the new owners can restore some order without jacking up the rents and trying to evict all the old-timers.

Anonymous said...

I live there! I fall under the newcomer category, been here about a year. My building is not fancy by any means, but the apartments are well laid out. Some units have more renovations than others, although from what I can tell none have been totally revamped.

The new owners seem to be making an effort - right when they bought the building they put up signs for exterminator services if you want it, although I have a cat so it's never been an issue. I've seen them doing lots of repairs and repaints, so maybe they have plans to update things. But there's still plenty of post-weekend party evidence around.

I'm curious what other buildings they own. Also - the article mentions that the retail space is fully leased. Really? There have been For Lease signs on some big empty spaces down there since I moved in. I'd love to see something useful move in.

Anonymous said...

The landlords are up to no good, methinks. Real hack job on my boyfriends old apartment. Have yet to receive a security deposit.