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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Knights on Green Steeds Arrive

A trip to the Pioneer left me aghast. Dozens of what I can only assume are National Guard vehicles and troops convoyed down Flatbush Avenue on their way to Floyd Bennett Field, which I now understand is the staging ground for the Feds relief efforts near our coast and the Rockaways. It's seemed to many that the FEMA response has been slow, but help is obviously coming, as witnessed by this video I took:

In case you were wondering exactly what the Dept of Defense, under coordination from FEMA, was doing, here's a ridiculously detailed list. So I guess the support is finally arriving to the areas that need it most. Generators, fuel, food, cots, blankets, engineers and machinery for the heaviest lifting.

The only thing that WE seem to be lacking right now is bread. Check this out from the Pioneer this eve:

The following is for the most curious cats only. Turns out that most of the breads other than Wonder that show up in our local groceries come from a single conglomerate called...Bimbo. Yes, Bimbo. Or Grupo Bimbo (pronounced Beembo). They do in fact have local bakeries here in NYC, so it's not like your baked products are coming all the way from Bimbo's headquarters in Mexico. But I only just now found out how ubiquitous is the brand. Here's what they own, according to Wikipedia:
  • Arnold/Oroweat – Producer of loaf bread primarily sold throughout the United States.
  • Bimbo – Producing cakes and bread. Bimbo breads and cakes are found in major United States cities with large Mexican and Mexican-American populations.
  • Boboli – Producer of ready-made pizza crusts.
  • Brownberry - Producer of loaf bread primarily sold throughout the United States.
  • EarthGrains - Producer of loaf bread primarily sold throughout the United States.
  • Entenmann's – Pastry baker in the United States.
  • Francisco - Producer of bread and rolls
  • Freihofer's - Producer of bread and cakes most commonly found in upstate New York.
  • Marinela – Producer of Mexican cookies.
  • Mrs. Baird's – A leading bakery primarily present in Texas and surrounding states.
  • Sara Lee
  • Stroehmann's – With Oroweat above, a producer of loaf bread in the United States.
  • Thomas' – Producer of English muffins and bagels.
  • Tía Rosa – Producer of home-style bread, pastry, and tortillas.
Makes you think. It certainly makes deliveries easier...and I DO loves me some nooks 'n' crannies.


Bob Marvin said...

I was in a rental house near Wilmington, VT in 2011 during and after hurricane Irene and can attest to the wonderful things the National Guard can accomplish after a disaster!

ElizabethC said...

Bimbo is the Viacom of baked goods.