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Friday, November 2, 2012

Perfect Opportunity For Entry Level Restauranteur

The first thing the Q needs to ask is this: can you name the below device?

If you answered anything other than "induction cooktop" you got the answer wrong. It is not a turntable, and a turntable will not help you quickly and efficiently cook risotto. Don't try to convince me otherwise, for I have tried it.

It might seem an odd question at an odd time, but an opportunity has been made apparent to this blogger that you or your friends or your friends' friends might want to take note of. Michael Campbell, effervescent owner of 65 Fen and Delroy's and that "other place," lost his chef a couple months back and is now looking for someone with style, smarts and savvy to reopend Delroy's as your invention. In other words, if you have a killer idea and the energy to carry it out, here's an opportunity to waltz right into a pretty decent little space and create a following for yourself. The hitch? You guessed it. Induction Cooktop.

Which really shouldn't slow you down. You could prepare items elsewhere and bring them in already prepped, right? I'm not sure whether Michael got the liquor license to serve wine, but I was at the CB9 meeting where we gave the application the thumbs up. If you and he split the profit on opened bottles from the "wine cellar" next door...see where this is going? A win-win as they say. Or a wine-wine. A new day for you and your cooking. A sweet little shop that could open, say, the first of the year?

Stop in and see Michael, at 65 Fenimore, if you're interested. Tell 'em the Q sent ya. And if you're looking for someone to sample your wares, feel free to give me a shout. My mouth is open anytime.

1 comment:

Dan Freed said...

great things can be done with induction cooktops, as fans of cafe condesa in the west village (like me) will attest