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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Parkside/Winthrop Playground Needs You - This Saturday

One bright spot for the neighborhood this year was the opening of the newly renovated Parkside Playground. The basketball courts are in nearly constant use, as are the areas for younger kids and toddlers. Already the place is looking a little worse for wear, and of course there was the rocky start to the vibe and "use" of the space. Teens were making it a nighttime hangout, and the cops were alerted. Some undercovers have made it their business to keep an eye on the playground, though it's still not locked nightly, nor is the police presence enough to prevent the occasional phone snatching.

A local mom has made it her mission to get a "Friends of the Parkside Playground" (FOPP?) together. Other playgrounds have done this to great effect. She's even gone as far to involve the Brooklyn Parks Commissioner and has planned an inaugural event, where you, a potential FOPP, can come out and get in on the ground floor. Share this with all your neighbors!

The first event is this Saturday December 1 from 9am - Noon at the playground, whose primary entrance is on Winthrop (I know, I know.) There will be Parks Dept gardeners on hand, and our primary goal is to organize and to clean trash within the landscaping. Bring your kids! There's a playground there!

Contact Kimberlee Auletta for more info and to RSVP. And remember to sing our theme song, "I'm a FOPP and I'm Proud."

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