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Monday, December 10, 2012

Graffiti Explosion

The neighborhood has become home to a major graffiti-wave of late. As I rode up Bedford Avenue today I witnessed scores of recent tags...most of them the work of the same two or three artists. One seems to be NERDZ. The other one, starting with a "T," I've been calling Twerps in my head, though it's not as clear. And NY1? Can't be pushing the news channel, can they? Witness the evidence:

It's free to get this removed...go here. Problem is locating the owner. More work to do. Sheesh.


Anonymous said...

Where can we click to have the graffitiERs removed?

Anonymous said...

From the photos, at least one looks like a private residence. You can always ring their bell. They may not be aware of the graffiti service the city offers.

Anonymous said...

Nick at Hawthorne Hardware had his pulldown gate tagged, and he painted it over the next day. said he didn't like to give them the satisfaction of looking at it. It's really all over the place in PLG over the last month.

diak said...

Two things:
I suggest you use the word "artists" only to refer to those who engaged in creative expression not in destructive tantrums.
And it isn't helpful to include pictures. Added visibility is what exactly what these pests are after. Don't give them the satisfaction; we'll take your word for the fact that it's getting worse.

But otherwise, thanks for getting the word out and working for a cleaner PLG.

Anonymous said...

they buffed the rite-aid wall