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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Meat Your Maker

The PLG CSA is ready to serve all your carnivorous needs in one swell foop. They need a few more takers to guarantee delivery to the Maple Street School where you can pick up your flesh on the second Wednesdays of the month from 4PM. Anyone can join, even recovering vegans.

Here are the details from Karen at the PLGCSA:

We are happy to announce that we have meat shares available from Herondale Farm starting in January 2013.

Herondale Farm ( is offering monthly grass-fed, pasture-raised on organic fields 15 and 10 pound beef/pork/lamb/chicken shares starting in January 2013. Chicken-only shares are available starting in May 2013 (when they are “in season”). There are no half shares, but people frequently split shares by finding a partner and alternating months. 

All meats come individually vaccuum-packed and frozen.Pick up is the second Wednesday of the month from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Sterling Street between Rogers and Nostrand Avenues, 1/2 block from the Sterling Street 2/5. Subscriptions are every four months and you can sign up for the whole year at once and will be invoiced every 4 months at the start of each season. You can pay in one lump sum or pay monthly and you can order additional meats with your share.

15# and 10# Beef/Pork/Lamb/Chicken Shares

Includes: 5 pounds of prime cuts (e.g.: beef steaks, lamb chops, pork chops, leg of lamb, split chicken breast); 5 pounds of roasting/bbq meats (e.g.: brisket, london broil, ribs, roasts, whole chicken, chicken leg/thigh); 5 pounds of ground/stew/sausages (e.g. ground beef, lamb or pork, kabobs, chicken or pork sausages, beef hot dogs, chicken wings, bacon)
Pork or lamb can be substituted out if needed. Please indicate this on the form

Price Per Four Month Season

15 pound share: $650 payment plan/$600 pay in full
10 pound share: $500 payment plan/$460 pay in full

10# Chicken Shares

ONLY available starting in May

Includes: 1 whole chicken 3.5-4 lbs, 1 pack of split breast (2 pieces) 1 -1 .5lbs, 1 pack leg and thigh (2 pieces) 1 -1 .5lbs, 1 pack wings (5-6 wings) 1 -1 .5lbs, 2 packs chicken sausage (1 lb each – flavors include Breakfast, Mild and Hot Italian, Andouille and Chorizo)
10 pound share: $300 payment plan/$270 pay in full

For more information:

Download the flyer here.

To register:

Download the registration form here.

(The password to open the document is “heron”).
If you are a new member, you can sign up online at:

Forms should be sent
directly to Herondale Farms via email or mail.

We need at least 20 shares for them to deliver to our location, and that was not a problem last year, but since the first season doesn't have a chicken-only share, it's been harder to get people to sign up.

If people have specific questions, they can contact Karen at

Karen notes: "I've been a member of this meat share for about a year now and can attest to it directly :)"

That's the emoticon for mmm mmm good.

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babs said...

Actually the meat share is delivered to Karen's house on Sterling Street and it arrives during the week - nothing to do with the winter veggie share at MSS.