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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Baby City Food Inc

Sometimes, the name just bowls you over with its unsubtle oddness.

On the east side of the Flabenue between Parkside and Clarkson, right next to the longtime Law Offices of A. Shoemaker (who clearly, making too little money as a cobbler, did what most disillusioned artisans end up doing...went back to law school), and a particularly mediocre Chinese takeout place, neighborhood shoppers were most recently treated to the outlandish stylings of "Flatbush Fashions." I have some excellent vacation photos of my wife and a good friend of hers wearing FF garb, and I was always charmed by the be-turbaned proprietor sitting on a stool under the shade of a street tree out front. I can't say I'm surprised that FF shuttered, given the fewness of the patrons and the eye-popping lowness of the prices. So what's next? BABY CITY FOOD INC. - that's what.

I usually don't like making fun of store names or menus, and with Asian places the misplaced syntax is too easy a target.  God only knows what names the Q would come up with if he opened a gelato hut in Shanghai. But I'm always perplexed when a big (probably pretty expensive) sign goes up with such a strange use of language, and no one stopped along the way to say "are you sure you want it to say that?" Shouldn't it at least be Baby Food City Inc? The front window is packed to the ceiling with baby formula. The joint also features various baby supplies, and tons of inexpensive strollers. It looks like certain aisles at the GEM across the street - just the ones with baby stuff. Basically, the new joint is like, a small city. For babies. And food. And baby food. Incorporated.

Buried down here I just thought I'd note that certain recent posts have been taken down on advice from a significant dude of the enforcement type who is undertaking an investigation. If you're looking for those posts, or you have something to share on them, or want to know more about why they're no longer floating freely on the internets, don't hesitate to email me.


Anonymous said...

So an investigation is being done on this place, or did comments taken down refer to some investigation?

I would NEVER EVER buy anything from that place. They need to name it "Toxic Chinese Knock Off Baby Food City." That store front has changed more times than I can remember over the years... I wonder why none stick? Is the LL crazy?

Anonymous said...

It seems premature to impugn the safety of the store's products if they only just opened. And the investigation refers to a different topic from prior blog posts.

Anonymous said...

Fair point Anon 3:39. I just walked by and saw a ginormous stack of enfamil and cheap brightly colored plastic tricycles and bookbags and cringed. I'll re-assess after they're open. :-D