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Monday, March 19, 2018

Abdo To the Rescue Again and Again

When we first met Abdo Zandani many years ago, he was struggling to find his niche on Parkside Avenue. It's hard to remember so far back, but there was a real need for internet access back a decade ago, and the the idea of the "Internet Coffee Shop" was a real thing - half a dozen places along the Flabenue gave it a go in the late '00s, even a hair salon near me own abode went wired for $6 an hour! But Abdo's most enduring skill was his facility with computers themselves, and eventually he figured out that fixing Macs, iPads, iPhones (which were still but a gleam in Steve Jobs' eye a dozen years ago) was his true calling.

I've purchased computers from Abdo, had them fixed, and sent many satisfied customers through the years. It's been particularly gratifying to stop in and see his 80-year old father spending time there. And get this - the old man spent more than 40 years with the USPS after immigrating here and now has a full pension and owns property. Back in the day, such a job could really take you somewhere. Who has a pension anymore? We're all effing doomed.

Here was post back in 2013, and every word rings even truer today.

Tired of trekking to Tekserve every time your Apple product busts? Just to feel patronized and goaded into buying a replacement? Want to be able to walk down the street and talk to the guy doing the repair work and see how it's going? Parkside Avenue's Abdo Zandanni (pronounce his name Ab-Dew) is really quite the tech magician, and tells and shows you exactly what he's doing to your machine. His prices are reasonable, and I've now had not one but five friends tell me his work and speed are terrific. He fixes iPhones and laptops and Macbooks and iPads and desktops and such. He and his lovely assistant are pictured here at their "Wired" store on Parkside:

Walk Briskly, Don't Slither, to 166 Parkside and fix before rebuying

From 2013: I was initially bummed that I went out on a limb and tried to beat the drum for people to give his brilliantly named Internet Coffee House (ICH) another look after it failed to catch fire. But hey, he's now concentrating on what he does best. As an example - I brought in my crap laptop (Toshiba! Toshiba!) that had finally busted six ways from Sunday. He gave me options, but the one I chose was to say the hell with it I'll just get a new $400 machine, since I have little kids and they're likely to bust it again anyway. So he took my old hard drive out, put it in a cute little wallet size box with a cord on it to plug in as a USB storage device. Nice! Cost me next to nothing.

Try him once. I bet you never go back to Manhattan. For ANYTHING.


JMBnewsgirl said...

What is the name of the business? Street address? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I also had a great experience with them earlier this year. They fixed the screen on my Toshiba laptop for less than what my tech friends said it would cost, and it's still going strong. Definitely beats hauling it into Manhattan.

WInthroper said...

He is friendly, professional, and fast. Both drives in my computer failed, and he replaced the drives, uploaded the programs and had me back on my feet quickly, at a reasonable fee. He wasn't able to save any data, but he tried to do so (a several day process). He did so at no charge since nothing was retrievable. He's now our go-to computer doctor.