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Friday, March 23, 2018

Tomorrow - Civic Minded - Local Politics Without the Bullshit

The Q makes no bones about his support of local firebrand Diana Richardson, most likely YOUR State Assemblyperson. If you're looking to get more involved in the community, I'd like to direct your attention to her monthly Civic-Minded meetings over on Empire and NY (MS 161). I hope to get there this week myself. And do introduce yourself to Diana directly. She's super approachable, and it doesn't hurt to get to know your electeds personally.


Anonymous said...

what's not to love?

Clarkson FlatBed said...

always looking for the best in people, aren't you slappz?

You don't know anything about this case, the personalities involved, or anything else about this domestic matter do you? In that case, your opinions are as good as the rag you linked to.

The charges were essentially dropped after heads cooled. But I won't delete your comment, cuz god forbid I be called a censor, and any fool can find that story if they know a google from a gag order.

Anonymous said...

A powerful person made something go away and now refuses to speak about it. We don't need to know anything other than a child was assaulted - any suggestion of reasons why is beyond gross.

Here is a more reputable source:

People deserve second chances when they apologize and own their actions, talk about what they did and why it was wrong.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. There's no doubt I would post a NY Post article about an elected official who was arrested for hitting her child. Maybe I posted it a year ago, when the events occurred. But, I did not post that article here today.

Doesn't matter to me that you throw shade my way. But, you got the wrong guy.

Meanwhile, upon re-reading the article, it's clear the collusion between the involved parties to get out from under the stigma is, as always, fascinating stuff. Gotta wonder if Family Court is involved. Anger management.

Hitting a kid, with a broomstick, no less -- an act of a person who's out of control. It's going to dog her forever. And maybe affect the outcome of an election.

ANEW said...

I'm not one for politicians but I finally made it to the meeting and I gotta give it to her. She gets people out and she seems to be trying her best to actually represent community concerns (unlike most of our other elected officials). The people in her office are also friendly and receptive every time I go over there. I just wish she'd do the meeting at the library or a local church vs MS 61. The sound is always terrible and those wooden chairs are the worst.

Anonymous said...

She's got some problems with her self-control. One of these nights she'll have a few drinks and really let loose.